Pixel.. Pixel 3A.. Hey Google you made a almost perfect phone for a decent price.. Everything is great but why include a weak LCD!

My wife have been using a hand me down IPhone 6 and Sony Z5 for quite some time. The battery are getting worst. The Z5 battery eat too much and became fat! Google launched Pixel 3a last May 8 2019 just right after Google IO 2019. The reviews came out and considering the price, the phone sounds like a winner. Unfortunately Pixel 3a or any Google Phones are not sold here in the Philippines except from Grey Market which are priced much higher with out any support or warranty. A cousin living in the US informed that he is going to home for a vacation. Considering the flight and the delivery date with delay buffers we decided to purchase the phone. The phone was ordered on the May 24 got…
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