Pork chops in Mushroom Gravy

I have been trying to get a homemade mushroom gravy. There are some recipes online and I could not really get the texture that I expect (based on the images). This time it is a winner (after 3 attempts). Here are the ingredients, it may me necessary to adjust based on the Pork chops weight. Total cook time is 20 mins. Pork chops 2 medium pieces. about 300 grams.6 medium sized garlic cloves6 button mushrooms sliced2 teaspoon garlic powderBeef broth Half cube Knorr Beef Cubes200 ml water20 grams butter1/4 small sized white onionBlack pepper SaltCooking oil10 grams corn starch Pork chops will get hard when pan fried.. I found out that this can worked around by marinating it overnight. The Pork chops will be soft and chewy as long as…
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