Back on-line no CGNAT can stop me!

This blog have been offline for about a month or two. My telco suddenly deployed CGNAT to their subscribers and my router could no longer get Public IP.

What is CGNAT? Carrier Grade NAT or CGNAT is a mechanism deployed by internet providers to prevent exhaustion of IP address. The pandemic caused most people to just stay at home; work from home; online class; and the number of internet subscriptions increased. As a result, my telco just decided to implement CGNAT without informing the subscribers of the change.

Before CGNAT was implemented my assigned Public IP is the same as my WAN IP.

My Public IP Address

My WAN IP Address

As of this writing my WAN and Public IP is different, this prevents me from using DDNS and all my DNS mapping is no longer working.

Sad to say, I could not also get a clear response from the technical hotline on how to purchase a Public IP address.

So this is the right time to move this blog to the cloud, lesser down time and more reliable server. After a year and 4 days.