Docker: Dock and Control

My Home Assistant have been running on HassOS. I have understood that this also runs its own Docker Environment for the plugins.

The key plugins that I am using is as follows:

  • Nginx proxy manager
  • SSH terminal
  • motionEye
  • Configurator
  • PiHole

The Nginx proxy manager takes care of forwarding external requests going to my network. One of the downsides of having it run inside HassOS is the addon will also restart when HassOS is restarted. Most of the time (without considering carefully) restart my HassOS and then loss the proxy manager and access to my network. So I decided to change my configuration.

Docker on Raspbian

Docker CE have been a long time preference for rapid application development. It may sound like a Virtual machine but it is entirely different in most ways. Let us setup Docker CE.

Installing the pre-requisites

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates software-properties-common -y

Download and install Docker

curl -sSL | sh

To be able to use docker without using sudo each time we add the user to the docker group. Replace the <user-name> with the actual username.

sudo gpasswd -a <user-name> docker

Docker is installed and we can start creating containers, we can test our installation by running the “Hello World” container.

docker run hello-world

Docker would automatically download the container. Result should be something like below.

Docker installation is complete and tested, we can start installing the other containers. Details will be on the next blog.