Reviving the old IPhone 6

Smart gadgets are time bombs, they are just as good as long as the battery is good. Battery replacement usually range from the upper 1000PHP price range. Doing it DIY is much cheaper, if you have the guts for it.

The IPhone 6 is not a water resistant phone, there should be no adhesives and it is easy to open.

The tools:

  1. Pentalope screw bits
  2. Philips
  3. Suction cup
  4. Nylon spudger

Start by setting the suction cup on the LCD. Simply un screw the pentalopes at the bottom of the phone.

The LCD will not simply pop-off. We need to pry carefully for the clips, Start off from the right side going to the left.

The LCD should wiggle and move until it can be lifted. Lift it carefully since it is still connected to the main board by flex cable. Use the suction cup as stand without over extending the flex cable.

There is no need to remove the LCD to replace the battery but you should take care not to tear the LCD flex cable.

The battery connector is locked on place by a metal plate. Use the philips scew to release it.

Once the metal plate is release, the battery connector can be accessed easily.

The original battery is held in place by a pull tab. This phones battery have been replaced once by a third party and a single double sided tape holds the battery in place.

After replacing the battery reverse the order of the steps and check out the battery status.

This will be updated after a single full charge.