Cats of Azure Haus

Cats are majestic and behave as an animal spoiled in nature. Honestly I am not a fan of cats. I love dogs a real man’s best friend. Sad to say after my 3 dogs died a few years ago, cats have overrun this place.

Azure Haus is some kind of home to a few stray cats. These cats even a have few kittens who are now also cats and another batch of kittens. They do have names but I doubt that they know their names. “Spots” the male cat likes to rub his back around your legs but he is just to dirty to pet. “Snow cap” the mama cat who is just too feral because of trauma, even during the time you are trying to give her food she is just too angry at you. “Shadow” and “Sandal” the previous kittens are also a bit feral but until recently they are starting to be not so afraid.

These cats frequently lie down in a derelict collapsible shelf. The posts are made of different kinds of wood that was linked using a bolt and nut. It is holidays so I decided to have this fixed.

I started off with 4 cuts of 1/2 crate plywood measured as 24″ x 16″. The original shelf was measured at 24″ x 20″ but it won’t fit my upcycled wood so I decided to make it with what I have.

After sanding and cleaning the post, I need to replace the worn out nut and bolts. There are 12 posts so I need to replace the bolt and nut from each end. Some posts were just too soft and won’t hold the bolt, but nothing can’t be fixed by good old wood glue.

I used a Bronco oil stain Wheat Brown for color from my previous project. which just really turned out great.

Just take a look at that cats, your crib is ready. I will use the top shelf, you can’t get to it any way. Yeah I lost one of the top cover wood.