Sony Xperia Z5 a case of bloating and shrinking battery.

The second Android phone that i have was a Sony Z5. I enjoyed using the phone. the candy bar form factor just fits my liking. I replaced the phone because I wanted just to use 1 phone for my 2 numbers. The phone was handed down to my wife and eventually my daughter.

Getting bloated, the battery I mean.

After years of use the battery bloated and the battery capacity now is just a fraction during its glory days. I consulted with Sony Center by Email on how much was the battery replacement ~800 Php for the battery. So I called up the authorized service center in Cebu and told me it will set me back for more than 2000 Php because they need to send the phone to Manila. Also the fix will be for more than 2 weeks. I can’t blame Cebu Service center because they were not informed before hand about the email. Business is business and they just charge too much for the processing to send the device to the main service center. So we moved on..

Not on a diet but shrinking.. but the battery capacity is just getting worst.

I could not quite explain what happened, but after a few months with a fat battery. The battery suddenly shrinks. All our phones with bloated battery never shrinks but was different fo this Z5 the battery looks like went on a diet. I am more curious to see what really happened and I am dying to open the phone, but I don’t want to open it without replacing the battery.

Replacing the battery

Just recently I saw a battery from Shopee which cost only 480 Php (and 60 Php shipping) Link. Knowing that the Z5 is a waterproof phone the adhesive could be difficult to get into. Also considering that the battery once bloated, maybe it is now easy to open. I also got my hands to a more decent suction pump.

The hair dryer is now doubling again as a heat gun. The battery bloating really did some work on the adhesive. It was easy to create a gap with just a few minutes with the dryer.

I started heating on the side that showed some gap. and just continue running the pick across all the edges. The suction pump really made eady to hold the glass in place while I moved the pick around.

There it goes, the back glass is off with no damage. The battery connector was easy to disconnect.

There are 2 pull tabs that needs to be stretched to release the battery.

After the tabs were pulled the battery just came off easily. Connecting the battery was also easy because the connector have guides unlike the one from Pixel.

Returning everything back I did a service check using *#*#service#*#* or *#*#7378423#*#*. The phone reports the battery is good.

Almost everything is fine except my daughter who keeps using the phone much longer.

Darling should I regret fixing the battery, I don’t regret it Papa considering that it is better now, but you might..