Circular saw tracks, introducing the Bosch FSN 800

Working with a circular saw makes you come across the need for a guide fence so that the cut is a straight line. Bosch does not have guide fence but they do have something different a Saw track.


This came with a rather big box. A lot bigger than the rail. Yeah this does a great job protecting the rail.

First impression

The quality is as expected a product from Bosch. The rail is made up of aluminum, edged in plastic. The bottom side reveals the rubber which holds the rail in place. The rubber runner really works, the rail does not have any movement even without a clamp.

My GKS 12V-Li fits like a glove, there is no gap with the work and the rail. The rail guide fits nicely and the saw moves perfectly in place.

First time set-up

Just like a car that is fresh from the dealer this rails needs some breaking in. This is necessary to fit the rubber edges with the saw blade.

  1. Rest the rail on a sacrificial work
  2. Set the saw dept just enough to cut the rubber edge
  3. Run the saw from edge to edge
  4. Repeat if necessary

The first run with the rail is quite messy. Wood and rubber just filled the saw and the rail.

Cross-cut and plywood tearing

The best way to test the rail is to make a cross cut. As we all experience cutting against the wood grain will create a tear. The rail is positioned on the cut line. The cross cut is done cleanly.

Final note

Since the saw now sits on the rail, there is necessary adjustment for the depth of cut. A 3mm adjustment is needed, For example a 3/4 plywood instead of the 22mm setting it is necessary to set it at 25mm.

A great accessory to produce clean cross and rip cuts perfectly.