Started with Blue and then came Contol… Homeassistant on Raspberry Pi

My first Raspberry Pi was bought from which arrived last February 2 2016, it was a Raspberry Pi Model B. Originally I planned for it to be a linux box for internet browsing, since I don’t have a desktop PC.

It was alive and he was called Blue. He was named differently from all the Gods that run on the network.

There are so much resource on the net about raspberry pi.. all the things this tiny box can do. It was running Raspbian then I pop another SD card and set-up Kodi and have it as a TV box for awhile before changing it again.

Blue is the one on the left, the one on the right is a another Raspberry Pi 2 B loaned from a friend.

The journey to Homeassistant

I did some experiment on a Broadlink light switches to control the lights but it did not feel connected and in some way isolated. So I keep seaching and trying to find on how to make this a little more smart.

I came across Home assistant. Wow there are a lot of supported devices and the community was expanding fast. This could be my solution. So I layout a plan and road map to make my Smart Home. My Smart Home plan will centered around

There are some many ways to set-up all the guides can be found

The first installation was on top of Raspbian, but later on I switched to Everything was about YAML and JSON. I have no idea who this guys were in the first place. The are just how to present data and format them. Configurations are in YAML. Entities and parameters are in JSON

Fast forward … Blue was running fine, he was Hot and did encounter some slow downs. It was really inconvenient the he was wired and I was using a external WIFI dongle for him. Finally last March 3 2019, I decided to go for upgrade. I bought a Raspberry Pi Model B+ from one of Shopee Flash sale. Thank you MakersLab!

I planned to duplicate the SD card of Blue and installed it on the new Raspberry Pi. Since they have the same host name a network conflict can be adressed with a new name. The name Blue was nice but I was looking for something punchy.

After all the fuss and dust settled, then came Control, because he is the brains and will take charge of everything so this name will fit perfectly…

Control with the heatsinks and cased on official case

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